SSB Operation

SSB Operation

SSB Controls

The assembled sBitx comes with a mic built into the enclosure as well as a handheld mic. The handheld mic should be plugged into the mic socket on the left panel of the radio.

Microphone wire up

The 3.5mm audio jack connector can take any other, normal microphone that doesn’t have a PTT button. The wiring for the microphone is as follows:

Tip MIC element’s +ve lead
Ring PTT button
Sleeve Ground (common)

For reference, the audio jack looks like this:


On screen PTT

The on-screen buttons can substitute for the PTT.

Note that instead of one PTT button there are separate buttons to start transmission and to go back to listening. This is done so that your hands are free to write down things, tune the antenna, type the callsigns into the logger, etc.

  • Choose a bandwidth between 1.8 KHz and 3 KHz for voice. A 2.4 KHz bandwidth is a good choice.
  • For the supplied hand-held microphone, the mic gain should be set to  25.
  • When using the internal mic, increase the mic gain to 50 as the speaker may be some distance away from the mic.